Short and practical advice to increase the support you get from listeners. [advanced actions - still easy]

Short and practical advice to increase the support you get from listeners. [advanced actions - still easy]


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Do you want easy-to-do basics first? Start with this brief guide here: 3 basic actions

This article shows you advanced actions to increase your listener support for your Value4Value-enabled podcast using the experience and examples from fellow podcasters.

More engagement with your community and a little bit more effort than the basics.

Many creators go the extra mile to get even more community interaction and also more support; emotionally and financially. This leads to more success and takes a little bit more time.

4. Educate your listeners about Value4Value.

Give your audience more details about Value4Value, Satoshis (Bitcoin) and why your podcast uses Value4Value.

Concrete example how you can explain the concept behind Value4Value to your listeners:

Other content ideas for you:

Why Value4Value is better than PayPal
Explain to your listeners how this form of direct support helps you more than a PayPal donation, because PayPal takes a big cut of donations. For example, if your listener sends you 10 cents via PayPal, you will be left with about 3 cents after all the fees. With higher donations, PayPal's cut is not as high, but you are still giving away much more than with a Value4Value donation. Here you keep more than 9 cents from a 10 cent donation. More than 9 cents, because a cent can be split even further with satoshis, which makes it possible to charge less than 1 cent for a transaction.
Explain how easily your listeners can get a Lightning Wallet and Satoshis (Sats)
Tell your audience exactly how they can create a wallet and get Satoshis with this short guide [here]. We suggest, you explain it in your podcast and also list it in your show notes. If your listeners have questions, feel free to direct your listeners' questions directly to us. Here is our Twitter, our website, and our LinkedIn. We are happy to help.

The link to the guide on how to get a Wallet and Satoshis in three steps:

5. Reward your supporters!

Besides mentioning them in your show, you can reward supporters with more attention, digital giveaways or direct integration in your show.

  • When you are interviewing someone, ask your listeners to send in some questions with a message donation (boostagram).

  • Make an extra episode that only answers questions that came in with a message donation (boostagram).

  • Introduce a special jingle (short music clip) for the highest donation every show.

  • Tell your audience what you do with the money that you receive from them.

6. Make it fun for your supporter community.

Gamification is a very effective tool to increase community retention. It gives a sense of belonging and vastly increases the fun.

Tell your audience that they see community comments and a Leaderboard on your personal support page (find yours here, it's free). You can also use the elements on the support page and integrate them into your podcast.

  • Introduce a weekly or monthly leaderboard award

  • Name certain boost numbers, such as "2222" Sats as a row of ducks. You can find more inspiration here:

  • Make your audience guess something or answer a question you asked in your show

  • Make a goal of x messages (boostagrams) per show, if reached make your podcast by y minutes longer

Here is a video intro that shows you your supporter page:

Templates for you (advanced):

Reward top supporters with some extra attention
For the second week in a row, we have "Daniel" at the top of the Leaderboard! Thank you so much for supporting my show! Daniel is leading the Leaderboard, but I also want to say thanks to the others in the top 5, which are: "...".
Tease upcoming show
For one of our next episodes, we are covering the topic / we are interviewing person XY. We are going to try to incorporate the top three questions that you sent us with a boostagram message. You have time until Monday, noon to send us your best question!

Do you feel like starting with easy-to-do basics first? Have a look at this guide: 3 basic actions

Also, don't forget to find your free, personal supporter page here:

1. Create your personal support site below

2. Copy and paste your support site into your show notes now!

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