Supporting your Creator in 3 Simple Steps

Supporting your Creator in 3 Simple Steps


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This guide explains in 3 simple steps how you can get a lightning wallet to support your favourite creator!

1. Download a Lightning Wallet

There are a lot of options. For compatibility and ease of use, we recommend

2. Buy Sats

Wallet of Satoshi allows you to buy your first sats directly in the App. ) Basically, you do the following: (We have a step-by-step video below the image for you)

  1. Download the app.

  2. In the menu, click Login/Register (if you hit Buy Bitcoin, you will also be asked to register).

  3. You enter and verify your email by entering two secret words, which will be send to you.

  4. In the menu, you click Buy Bitcoin.

  5. In most countries, you can pay with your phone's integrated service, e.g. Apple Pay.

Take a look at this video if you want to see a step-by-step guide for this process.

After confirming your email you will have to click the "Buy Bitcoin" button again!
You may be prompted with additional steps like making a photo of your driver's license depending on the country you live in.
It may take some time (up to 2 hours in extreme cases) until the sats arrive in your Wallet. Be patient!

3. Support your Creator

Now all you need to do is go to the support page of your creator and send them some sats.

We have made a video for that as well!

After creating an invoice all you have to do is click on "Open in wallet" and voila Wallet of Satoshi will open.

After confirming the payment you can go back to Conshax and support the next Creator!