60 Seconds to Value4Value

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1. What is Value4Value?

Your show creates value for your listeners by providing information, entertainment or any other reason why people listen to your podcast. Your listeners can now decide how much value they want to give back to you, depending on how much value your show gives them.

Here is Adam Curry, a very successful podcaster, explaining the concept:

More info here: https://value4value.info/

2. Why should you use it?

Value4Value is peer-to-peer, which means that once it's set up, no platform can limit your potential income. If your listeners like your show and they like you, you can get value back directly from them instead of giving a cut to other platforms like Patreon. Value4Value can also be used in addition to any other revenue streams you may want to pursue, such as advertising or selling premium content.

3. Onboard your podcast in 65 seconds.

It's free and you don't need to switch your hosting plattform. Start here!

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