Value4Value Listener App Guide

Value4Value Listener App Guide


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Castamatic - the simple one

Castamatic provides a clean and simple, yet visually appealing user interface.
It provides a great experience for users that want to make their first steps in the Value4Value world because it feels like a normal podcast app.

Available on: iOS

Fountain - the allrounder

Fountain does a great job of providing a lot of Value4Value features without overwhelming users. It achieves this through a very nice-looking UI. Fountain also allows people to buy sats directly in-app, making it a great app for people new to Bitcoin.

Available on: Android, iOS

Podfriend - for web users

Podfriend offers a first-class web app. It has a great UI and a very easy-to-understand onboarding experience into the Value4Value system with Alby.

Available on: Web

Conshax - for interaction focused

While we do offer listening to podcast episodes, the focus for listeners on our website is interacting with the podcaster, boosting them, reading other boosts and many more features to come.


There are even more great apps not mentioned above:

  • Podverse: Including the most advanced podcast features

  • Breez: Non-custodial (No bitcoin banks involved) app

  • Podcast Guru: An app focussing on discoverability

Coming soon

The Value4Value space is growing constantly. For example, a new web podcasting platform, Podfans, will launch soon. We’ll make sure to update and improve this article in the future.